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Dr. Chris Morgan analyzes 4,071 full panel respiratory PCR Tests in 56 LTC facilities identifying a concern of antibiotic gene resistance. Learn what pathogens are in your facility and how to reduce infection rates and growing risk of MDROs.

Solving Critical
Infection Prevention Issues

AMS Infection Prevention Partners is a clinically-focused practice comprised of certified infection preventionists that educate, advise, and mentor on strategies that greatly reduce infection risks in nursing and assisted living facilities. Our F880-compliant infection surveillance programs are inexpensive and easy to implement, saving facility staff precious time while offering increased infection prevention for staff and residents.

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Comprehensive and Targeted
Infection Surveillance &
ntimicrobial Stewardship



CMS identifies F880-compliant infection surveillance as a system to identify infections among staff and residents early and often. Infection surveillance includes Process Surveillance and Outcome Surveillance. Data collected is to be analyzed and reported to nursing home leadership and submitted to the Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement Committee (QAPI) for dissemination and infection prevention plan implementation. AMS Infection Preventionists mentor facilities on this entire process. Proven to reduce overall infection risks within the first 90-days, we make it simple to identify next steps with minimal time required by facility staff.

  • AMS clinicians review resident EMRs and documentation daily
  • Highlight residents in need of clinical prioritization
  • Proposed recommendations based on EMR data, analytics, test results
  • Monitor and alert facility for possible trending infections
  • Highlights potential antibiotic documentation errors to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Access to AMS doctors, IPs, DONs, RNs, and LPNs
Sometimes you just need an expert opinion or a little extra guidance. Let our clinicians and business team help!

While the AMS clinical focus is primarily on long-term care, our infection control expertise has become an invaluable resource to businesses and government agencies nationwide. Through a detailed practice called Infection Surveillance, AMS monitors and manages infection prevention and control (IPC) practices in offices, warehouses, call centers, corporate headquarters, government buildings, schools, and more. Give your employees, visitors, contractors, and everyone you do business with the confidence of knowing you have the best processes and protocols in place to reduce infection from entering and spreading through your building.

"Thank you for the added value you bring to our service lines.  We appreciate AMS very much."

Director of Operations, affiliated skilled nursing and hospice agencies in St. Louis and Kansas City, MO

AMS Infection Prevention Partners is the leading infection prevention and control (IPC) practice serving America's long-term care facilities. AMS offers several IPC and infection surveillance programs, which feature on-site infection preventionists, analytics and infection risk assessment tools, PCR testing for all infectious diseases, and clinical recommendations on your antibiogram and antibiotic management programs. The clinical practice recently leveraged its extensive knowledge and expertise in reducing infection in America’s nursing homes by expanding to government and industry to help maintain safety and minimize the spread of infectious disease in the workplace. For infection prevention and control support, contact us today to get started tomorrow!

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