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Supported by a group of clinical leaders with a combined 75+ years specializing in long-term care, the AMS Onsite clinical practice provides way more than just a lab or clinical consultant. We are the backbone of your facility's infection control and prevention program -- armed with dedicated infection preventionists, a rapid response lab, and interventional analytics delivered in real time.


AMS Onsite delivers the most powerful and effective Infection Control & Prevention programs available anywhere.


In 2018, the AMS Onsite clinical practice initiated a program called Sterisis, a complete infection control management program designed specifically for nursing facilities to control infections and antibiotic overuse.


  • AMS Onsite Infection Preventionist assigned to your facility


  • Remote live monitoring of resident EHRs with Real Time Interventional Analytics (


  • Infectious Disease Outbreak Alerts


  • Quarterly non-invasive infectious disease testing of residents & staff

  • Consultative and educational services for clinical leadership


  • ICP and AMS training for all clinical staff


  • Access to AMS Onsite’s Medical Directors and Pharmacists

AMS Onsite testing services done in conjunction with the Sterisis program include:


  • Quarterly and systemic non-invasive respiratory testing for 37 distinct pathogens, including COVID-19

  • As-needed testing for respiratory, GI, UTI, STD issues

  • Automated test results highlighting the most effective treatment programs based on findings (

  • Infection Preventionist treatment recommendations based on test results and resident medical history

  • Management of COVID-19 testing for residents & staff

  • Labs used by AMS Onsite conduct Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) molecular testing that is 99.9% accurate (see for more information)

  • Lateral flow rapid COVID-19 antigen/antibody testing

  • Access to full laboratory services

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