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What is the Key to Better Infection Prevention? Identify Infectious Agents Faster and More Frequently


AMS' comprehensive surveillance program uses quarterly non-invasive PCR testing for 37 distinct respiratory pathogens plus an antibiotic resistance gene test along with infection prevention virtual rounding of the resident EHR. Armed with accurate test results and live clinical analytics, the AMS team supports clinical staff in reducing the spread of infectious diseases and combat overprescribing of unnecessary antibiotics within the facility. Our team works with your team to provide extra oversight and care while never overstepping our role as your infection prevention mentor.


AMS Infection Preventionist assigned to your facility

24/7 remote live monitoring of resident EHRs 

Infectious Disease Outbreak Alerts

Quarterly PCR testing of residents resulted through a proprietary infectious disease analytics tool, making facility-specific infection prevention recommendations

Step-by-step, week-by-week infection prevention QAPI program management

Mentorship and educational services for clinical leadership

Access to AMS Medical Director

Clinical Testing

Non-invasive respiratory testing for 37 distinct pathogens at regular intervals

Same test also checks for antibiotic resistance genes

Optional as-needed testing also available to identify GI, UTI, wound, nail, and blood risks

Labs recommended by AMS conduct Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) molecular testing that is 99.9% accurate

Treatment recommendations based on test results and infectious disease analytics

Program Benefits

Infection risk reduction

Early detection of potential infectious disease outbreaks (download our most recent results here)

Infection prevention education and training for staff

Access to infection prevention experts

Infection risk analytics

Reduces unnecessary antibiotics

Fully integrated into QAPI

Supports F880 infection surveillance 

Meets CDC NHSN's definition of “Comprehensive Surveillance"

Improve resident census

Improve patient care

AMS has been reducing infection risks in nursing homes since 2018. For additional information about STERISIS or to learn about other programs, clinical research, regulatory IPC or Antimicrobial Stewardship requirements, advice from colleagues, and more, please visit our  Resource Center.

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