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Identify Infection Risks Early and Often


Infection Surveillance should not be overlooked. In fact it should be the primary function of your nursing home’s infection preventionist. By identifying infection risks early and often, facilities can address them before a potential outbreak occurs.

AMS Infection Prevention Partners is a clinically-focused practice that helps nursing homes build their facility specific Infection Surveillance platforms for F880 compliance, and  — more importantly — to keep residents and staff safe from potential outbreaks.


Successful surveillance identifies communicable diseases and infections before they spread. AMS offers a unique approach to building and maintaining continuous surveillance systems to protect our seniors. Our certified infection preventionists and partners offer the advice, education, testing, analytics, and reporting needed to keep infection risks in check.

“With AMS’ infection surveillance program, it’s the first time in a long time that I can sleep at night knowing that my team understands our present infection risks and is doing everything they can to keep residents and staff safe.” 

- Mid-West facility Director of Nursing

​Additionally, with the rise of Multidrug Resistant Organisms (MDRO), AMS recommends including an antibiotic resistance gene test for residents. In a recent study of 4,000 residents in 56 nursing homes, more than one third tested with at least one antibiotic-resistant pathogen. (Download a copy of the full study here). 

AMS offers two unique approaches to Infection Surveillance, both adhere to CMS regulations and CDC NHSN recommendations:

Both surveillance programs feature ongoing and continuous AMS Certified Infection Preventionist Leadership, mentorship, and education. Your clinical leadership chooses which is best for your resident population.

Comprehensive Surveillance
To prevent the potential spread of infectious diseases and combat antibiotic resistance facility-wide, AMS Infection Prevention Partners recommends quarterly PCR respiratory panel testing, in addition to an antibiotic resistance gene test and live remote monitoring of resident EHRs. AMS Infection Preventionists keep comprehensive surveillance on all infection activity and provide information for correct antibiotic use, working with facility care teams to ease their IP burden and promote better clinical outcomes among the entire resident population.
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Targeted Surveillance

AMS Infection Prevention Partners utilizes PCR-based diagnostic testing focused specifically on the facility's symptomatic residents. We recommend a unique PCR testing protocol which drills down deep to obtain accurate diagnosis of the infection and offers appropriate treatment recommendations. Remote live monitoring of the resident EHR aids AMS Infection Prevention Partners in identifying residents with early warning signs of infection. 

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Virtual Rounding

To provide immediate relief to facilities challenged by overworked and understaffed clinical teams, AMS is currently offering Virtual Rounding to compliment existing Infection Surveillance programs.

Virtual Rounding provides access to AMS doctors, RNs, DONs, LPNs, and Infection Preventionists, all who specialize in infection prevention and control in Long-Term Care. Using both science and technology, AMS clinicians conduct daily virtual rounds on facility residents, highlighting potential infection issues and offering educated care recommendations. AMS also reviews new antibiotic prescriptions to ensure the medication was prescribed appropriately and that all medication documentation is correct. 


Gain access to the AMS Infection Prevention Partners team of Infection Surveillance clinical leaders who travel the country assisting nursing facility teams and owners with some of the most challenging infection-related issues today.

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