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Infection Surveillance


Managed by RN’s and LPN’s certified in infection prevention and with long-term care expertise, our clinical team personally reviews resident medical records every day. Our goal is two-fold; to identify potential infection outbreaks early and often and to ensure all medical record documentation is correct. Today, with most facilities operating significantly understaffed, AMS adds personnel to your clinical team-virtually. We help triage who needs care first and we ensure your medical records are updated and correct. Nursing facilities that utilize the AMS infection prevention virtual rounding platform see a reduction in unnecessary antibiotics usage, improved care, and faster responses to infections, thus controlling outbreaks—and saving lives. 


The ability to control infection outbreaks, reduce hospitalizations, and control proper antibiotic usage lies within your resident medical records. But reviewing facility medical records on a daily, ongoing basis is time-consuming and challenging. AMS Infection Prevention Partners offers an invaluable, cost-effective solution with virtual rounding.

Nothing identifies infection concerns in nursing homes better than a live nurse or doctor. Analytics platforms are very meaningful and greatly reduce your staff’s time to review the medical record, but the insight and knowledge a clinical expert like AMS provides is better.  Let us show you how.


Call today and we can start you tomorrow on virtual rounding. 

Trial us for 30 days no charge!

How Virtual Rounding works:

1. AMS clinicians review every patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) every 24 hours. We:

  • Compare recent vital signs to historic vital signs

  • Analyze recently prescribed antibiotic orders to ensure regulatory compliance is met

  • Review recent labs to ensure antibiotic effectiveness in relation to the test results and antibiotic resistance gene (if performed)

  • Ensure documentation to support antibiotic therapy is present 

2. Residents who trigger an infection risk are elevated to you via phone call

3. Our clinicians follow up within 3 days with you to ensure staff responded 

4. Critical issues are immediately brought to the attention of administration 

Virtual Rounding integrates with any EMR and is completely independent of any analytics platform you may have.

Sample Report Recommendations

AMS' Virtual Rounding is about the people, not the platform. We are clinicians first, that interpret the data, documentation, and algorithms of long-term care EMRs for you. Using clinical expertise, science, technology, and compassion, our care team identifies residents in need of clinical prioritization and makes realistic recommendations. 

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