Infection Prevention and Control in 2021: Let’s learn from our past mistakes, be proactive 

 As 2021 gets underway, let’s pause to take a few moments to reflect on 2020 and all that we learned from such a difficult year, particularly as it relates to long-term care and infection prevention and control practices. Read more...


Get Prepared: Identify your Nursing Home’s Vaccination Coordinator Now 

 We’re all eager for the arrival of the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination -- perhaps no one more than the long-term care community. While we were all expecting it as imminent for the past few weeks, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices officially prioritized healthcare workers, as well as long-term care and skilled nursing residents and staff for vaccine distribution last week.  

As early as this month, 3 million residents and 21 million staff of long-term care and skilled nursing facilities could begin receiving the vaccine, initiating a collective—but cautious---sigh of relief for those facilities desperately trying to keep the novel coronavirus out of their doors and protect their residents. At long last, the vaccine is almost here. What are next steps? Read more... 


How live EHR data advances infection prevention at long-term care facilities  

We recently announced several strategic partners with leaders in the skilled nursing and long-term care communities that will help us advance infection prevention and control (ICP) at facilities across the country. 

We’ve chosen to work with the best in our industry - from our preferred laboratory, Coastal Dx, to PruittHealth, which has 90 locations in the southeast U.S., to Sensiva, which provides fast and accurate COVID-19 antibody testing. So naturally, when we needed access to live clinical data to bolster our infection control and prevention programs, we selected Real Time Medical SystemsRead more...


Respiratory PCR Quarterly Testing Has Two Objectives: 

According to the CDC, nursing home residents experience 3 to 4 respiratory infections a year. Our program will result in the greatest possibility of identifying the possible agent and therefore prescribing the correct treatment. 

The CDC also states that 50 to 70% of antibiotic use for respiratory infections are inappropriate in LTC facilities. By determining whether the infection is viral vs. bacterial using PCR technology, we have shown we can decrease antibiotic use.  Read more...


Implementing Effective Infection Control Programs in Nursing Homes

[March 1, 2020] All continents now have an outbreak of the Coronavirus, except Antarctica. International stock markets have wiped away $6 trillion in value due to the world threat of a pandemic. Here in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is preparing for the pending outbreak, requesting $2.5 billion to start. The American Health Care Association has issued alerts to their nursing home members--all as our first two cases have been identified in a Washington State facility this past weekend. While everyone needs to be diligent and cautious, it is even more important for our at-risk seniors and those that care for them to be on high alert. Read more...

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