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New guide launched to explain how laundry helps to control infections
Long-term care CEOs: Pandemic pushing staff shortages to crisis levels
Researchers find the differences in COVID antibody responses to vaccination and natural infection
How to Improve Nursing Home Antibiotic Stewardship Programs

ABT use and Seniors Preserving the lives of seniors and all Americans means preserving antibiotic use
CIDRAP Study highlights impact of antibiotic resistance on older Americans
Older Americans bore the brunt of antibiotic-resistant infections, study finds
Antibody levels decrease after two doses of Pfizer vaccine – study
CDC says flu bad news

Tridemic? Minnesota doctors worry about flu season on top of pandemic
What experts say about the best time to get a flu shot this year
Up to 90% of Americans may have some form of COVID immunity after delta wave, Dr. Gottlieb says

Nursing homes could be forced to close if staff shortage worsen
Incent us, don’t punish us
No staff no care
Risk of breakthrough infections remains very rare, 3 studies find
What happens when two different respiratory viruses infect the same cell?
Funding for infection control and diagnostic laboratory surveillance for all infections
Much needed relief on its way
The IP needs to work closely with their lab to identify all infection risks
Surveillance testing of nursing homes shows most who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 had no reported symptoms
Do I have a cold, the flu or Covid? 


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