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Infection Management In The Age of COVID-19: Best Practices From The Front Lines

Presented by AMS as part of McKnight's Long Term Care News COVID-19 Online Forum. 

Join infection control and prevention (ICP) experts Dr. Chris Morgan (Chief Medical Officer, AMS) and Heather Hutson (Chief Infection Control Officer, AMS) as they share their expertise and insights on:

  • The evolving role of the modern Infection Preventionist (IP)

  • Understanding the components of an effective ICP program including protocols & procedures

  • Identifying & addressing deficiencies – where to begin

  • Establishing continuity and consistency of care

  • Testing & rapid results for COVID-19 and beyond

  • Reducing antibiotic resistance and drug-resistant infections

  • Using technology for 24/7 live remote monitoring & early detection of potential hotspots

About AMS Infection Prevention Partners
AMS is the leading infection prevention and control (IPC) specialty practice exclusively committed to America’s long-term care facilities. AMS offers several comprehensive IPC programs, including Sterisis, which embeds dedicated infection preventionists on site, live infection risk assessment remote monitoring, rapid-result PCR testing for infectious diseases, including COVID-19, and antibiotic management programs. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, AMS has multiple offices in the U.S. For more information on AMS visit or email

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