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Influenza, COVID-19, & the Common Cold: Tips to keep Residents, Staff, and Visitors Safe & Healthy

As flu season fast approaches, make sure everyone in your facility knows the subtle differences in symptoms between COVID-19, the flu, and the common cold, and provide a gentle reminder to your team, residents, and families on the best strategies for prevention and treatment of all infectious disease.

The COVID Delta Variant is upon us: Health & Safety Reminders

With COVID variants such as Delta spreading like wildfire, it's important to reinforce some simple reminders to both nursing home staff and visitors. AMS Chief Infection Control Officer, Heather Hutson has put together some quick informational points for review - feel free to download and post in your facility!

  • Viruses and variants such as Delta... what exactly are they?

  • How viruses spread to others

  • Symptoms to watch for

  • Stay safe and healthy by all doing our part!

Get the flyers...

We hope you find the information found in these flyers useful! For additional information, please contact AMS Infection Prevention Partners at:


About AMS Infection Prevention Partners
AMS Infection Prevention Partners is the leading infection prevention and control (IPC) practice serving America's long-term care facilities. AMS offers several IPC and infection surveillance programs, which feature on-site infection preventionists, analytics and infection risk assessment tools, PCR testing for infectious diseases, and clinical recommendations on your antibiogram and antibiotic management programs. The clinical practice recently leveraged its extensive knowledge and expertise in reducing infection in America’s nursing homes by expanding to government and industry to help maintain safety and minimize the spread of infectious disease in the workplace. For infection prevention and control support, contact us today to get started tomorrow!


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