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For all the hard work you do every single day on behalf of our seniors and their loved ones.

In the midst of the pandemic, it’s impossible for healthcare workers not to feel frustration, anxiety, and fatigue on a day to day basis. We’re here to tell you we understand, and we appreciate you.

AMS created this poster as a reminder of some standard precautions for the extraordinary heroes you are. We welcome you to hang it in your facility’s employee lounge/locker room to emphasize the simple things you must always do to protect yourself from this villain. When you stay healthy, your family, friends, co-workers, and residents stay healthy too!    


Simply fill out this form and the poster will be mailed to you - free of charge! 

To us you are superheroes. Thank you, again, for all that you do!

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About AMS Infection Prevention Partners
AMS is the leading infection prevention and control (IPC) practice exclusively committed to America's long-term care facilities. AMS offers several IPC and infection surveillance programs, which feature on-site infection preventionists, analytics and infection risk assessment tools, PCR testing for all infectious diseases, and clinical recommendations on antibiogram and antibiotic management programs -- all billable to Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. With virtual rounding, our experienced clinicians augment analytic tools and EMR data, looking for signs of infection on every resident, every day. For infection prevention and control support, contact us today to get started tomorrow!


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