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+ Antimicrobial Stewardship programs


Dr. Chris Morgan analyzes 4,071 full panel respiratory PCR Tests in 56 LTC facilities identifying a concern of antibiotic gene resistance. Learn what pathogens are in your facility and how to reduce infection rates and growing risk of MDROs.

Solving Critical Clinical Issues


Supported by a group of clinical leaders with a combined 75+ years specializing in Infection Prevention and Control, the AMS clinical practice provides more comprehensive support than just a lab or clinical consultant. We are the backbone of your facility's infection prevention and control program -- armed with dedicated care teams (experienced infection preventionists, doctors, RNs, and LPNs), full panel quarterly and/or symptomatic PCR testing, and detailed live analytics of resident EMRs.


AMS clinicians combine science and technology to deliver the most powerful and effective Infection Prevention & Control programs available anywhere.

Targeted infection surveillance focused specifically on symptomatic residents. ​Unique  testing protocol drills down deep to obtain accurate diagnosis of infection and make appropriate treatment recommendations. 
  • Infection Preventionist assigned to facility
  • Infection surveillance focused on symptomatic residents only
  • Symptomatic "Decision Tree" PCR-based testing
  • Daily Virtual Rounding with live remote monitoring of resident EMRs 
  • Mentorship and educational Infection Control training
Virtual Rounding
To provide immediate relief to facilities challenged by overworked and understaffed clinical teams due to COVID-19, we are currently offering Virtual Rounding as a "stand alone" service to complement your current Infectious Surveillance program. 
  • AMS clinicians review resident EMRs and documentation daily
  • Highlight residents in need of clinical prioritization
  • Proposed recommendations based on EMR data, analytics, test results
  • Monitor and alert facility for possible trending infections
  • Highlights potential documentation errors to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Access to AMS doctors, IPs, DONs, RNs, and LPNs
A proactive approach to identifying all infection among the entire resident population to prevent potential spread of infectious disease. For effective infection prevention and control, our most comprehensive program, Sterisis, uses quarterly respiratory panel testing to monitor all infection activity and provide information for correct antibiotic use.
  • Infection Preventionist (IP) assigned to facility
  • Quarterly respiratory-panel PCR testing
  • Daily Virtual Rounding with live remote monitoring of resident EMRs 
  • Infectious disease analytics based on testing results and regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) metrics with suggested recommendations for resident care and facility-wide monitoring
  • Mentorship and educational Infection Control training

"Thank you for the added value you bring to our service lines.  We appreciate AMS very much."

- Jeff Davis, MS, FNP-BC, NHA, CHC, CHPC

Director of Operations, affiliated skilled nursing and hospice agencies

SW Financial, St. Louis and Kansas City, MO

AMS Infection Prevention Partners is the leading infection prevention and control (IPC) practice exclusively committed to America's long-term care facilities. AMS offers several IPC and infection surveillance programs, which feature on-site infection preventionists, analytics and infection risk assessment tools, PCR testing for all infectious diseases, and clinical recommendations on antibiogram and antibiotic management programs -- all billable to Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. With virtual rounding, our experienced clinicians augment analytic tools and EMR data, looking for signs of infection on every resident, every day. For infection prevention and control support, contact us today to get started tomorrow!

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