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As COVID-19 sheds new light on the holes in Infection Surveillance, and as the CMS and CDC are both developing and enforcing new regulations, AMS is here to help with a variety of custom-tailored programs to help nursing facilities combat infectious disease, stay compliant, and support overworked and understaffed clinical environments. 

Comprehensive Infection Surveillance
Sterisis, AMS' most comprehensive program, uses quarterly non-invasive respiratory panel testing and live remote monitoring of resident EHRs to prevent the potential spread of infectious diseases and combat antibiotic resistance facility-wide. Keeping surveillance on all infection activity and providing information for correct antibiotic use, AMS Infection Preventionists work with nursing facility clinicians to ease their IPC burden and promote better clinical outcomes among the entire resident population.
Targeted Infection Surveillance
Welcome to Pinpoint, AMS' newest program, which features targeted surveillance focused specifically on symptomatic residents. AMS Infection Preventionists employ a unique testing protocol, which drills down deep to obtain accurate diagnosis of infection, and make appropriate treatment recommendations.
Virtual Rounding

To provide immediate relief to facilities challenged by overworked and understaffed clinical teams due to COVID-19, AMS is currently offering Virtual Rounding as a "stand-alone" service to compliment your current Infection Surveillance programs.

Part of our other surveillance programs, Virtual Rounding is designed to immediately ease the burden of clinical staff by providing access to AMS doctors, RNs, DONs, LPNs, and Infection Preventionists, all who specialize in infection prevention and control in the Long-Term Care setting. Using both science and technology, AMS clinicians conduct daily virtual rounds on facility residents, highlighting potential infection issues, risk stratifying patients, pinpointing diagnoses, and offering educated care recommendations -- with no extra data entry or expensive platforms required by the facility.

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