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Helping businesses and government agencies navigate the post-pandemic world


While the AMS clinical focus is primarily on long-term care, our infection control expertise has become an invaluable resource to businesses and government agencies nationwide. Through a detailed practice called Infection Surveillance, AMS monitors and manages infection prevention and control (IPC) practices in offices, warehouses, call centers, corporate headquarters, government buildings, schools, and more. Give your employees, visitors, contractors, and everyone you do business with the confidence of knowing you have the best processes and protocols in place to prevent infection from entering and spreading through your building.

As part of AMS’ infection control practices for businesses, we:

> Process Assessment: Review company’s existing IPC practices and make recommendations where needed

Re-engage your workforce and community safely.


Report: Generate your site-specific plan based upon the process assessment and observations

> Observe: Station AMS Infection Preventionists onsite to observe the facility and its people (including employees, colleagues, consultants, maintenance teams, and everyone who comes through your doors (couriers, contractors, caterers…)

Educate: Provide initial and ongoing education based upon findings.  Recommend new hires receive individual IPC education 

Manage: AMS can manage your facility’s entire IPC, or we can mentor your facility IPC team

AMS services for businesses include:

> Review and audit infection control plans and practices, deploying a certified infection preventionist to customer facilities and assisting with building re-entry protocols

Develop infection prevention and control policies and procedures

Make recommendations for environmental remediation efforts and products

Test air quality

Offer engineering recommendations for proper spacing, air-quality improvements and more

Provide environmental products and systems to reduce surface contaminants

Conduct onsite training, education, observation, testing, consulting, and more

Infectious Disease Testing

AMS Infection Preventionists conduct onsite infectious disease testing (COVID-19, influenza, RSV) as needed with results returned as quickly as 15 minutes. 

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