The Arkstone lab report breaks down complicated PCR results into easy-to-read interpretations and well-researched recommendations that maximize physician efficiency. Every report contains a unique ArkScore  to help prescribers make informed decisions when choosing the right antibiotic. Research shows that recommendations by a specialist physician are adhered to as opposed to those by pharmacists or nurses, so Arkstone’s recommendations are written for doctors and are constantly reviewed by members of its infectious disease team.

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Real Time Medical Systems is the industry-leading Interventional Analytics solution that turns data into actionable insights. Serving healthcare organizations nationwide, Real Time improves clinical performance by reducing avoidable hospital readmissions, managing care coordination efforts, and detecting early warning signs of infectious disease.

Unlocking the power of the LTPAC EHR, Real Time’s cloud-based solution captures, synthesizes, and organizes live EHR documentation to identify subtle changes in clinical condition and deliver suggested interventions to clinical teams before an adverse situation occurs. Through EHR clinical line of sight, Interventional Analytics, and hospital readmission risk stratification, Real Time enables LTPAC, health systems, hospitals, and health plan stakeholders to successfully perform under risk-based models.

The partnership with Real Time enables AMS Infection Preventionists the ability to monitor all residents in all facilities in the Sterisis program remotely, in real time. Additionally, Infection Perfectionists will have access to the use of Real Time's Infection Risk Assessment tools that help detect the early warning signs of an infectious disease outbreak. The clinical data and live interventional analytics provided by Real Time will be an integral part of the care recommendations made by AMS Onsite Infection Preventionists.

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Founded in 1995 as the nation's original provider of nursing home dentistry, SeniorDent is now the leading provider of onsite services that include not just dentistry, but also optometry, podiatry, and audiology - providing high-quality healthcare to thousands of nursing facility residents in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. Thanks to a partnership with AMS, infection prevention and control and antimicrobial stewardship programs have been added to the suite of services offered to SeniorDent clients.

SeniorDent's focus is to provide residents with experienced and caring healthcare professionals who are sensitive to the special needs and importance of continued healthcare in older and compromised patients. SeniorDent's physicians use modern portable medical equipment and visit contracted facilities on a scheduling basis that is pro-active for the management of treatment plans.

SeniorDent's programs save time and money by providing all services onsite, eliminating the need for transportation of residents. Additionally, in-service education programs are offered that keep facilities compliant, as are the required assessment programs for 5-star ratings. 

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Sunshine Care Partners provides chronic and transitional care medical services to physicians, ACOs, hospitals, Medicare Advantage insurance providers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Through its proprietary transitional care process, Sunshine Care Partners has an all-cause hospital readmissions rate from post-acute care of less than 3%. Most recently, in response to the mental repercussions COVID-19 has had on residents in the long-term care setting, Sunshine Care Partners developed and implemented a Geriatric Psych Chronic Care Management program which helps mitigate depression, isolation, and loneliness in these individuals.


Recognized by CMS as critical components of care, Sunshine Care Partner’s focus on Chronic Care Management and Transitional Care Management enhances patient quality of life, offering a comprehensive approach to the quality of care for the patient, caregivers, and loved ones as they live with chronic illness. Through this process, quality of life for the chronically ill increases, while total cost of care is lowered.

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