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To ensure proper treatment of symptomatic patients, it is critical to first pinpoint the infection. Fast and accurate testing is an important component for accurate diagnosis when assessing symptoms. With a focus on testing, Pinpoint, AMS' targeted infection surveillance program, quickly identifies the correct infection and guides effective treatment, including appropriate antibiotic recommendations, so the patient can recover quickly.

How it works:

Upon implementation of Pinpoint, a standing order for respiratory panel testing on residents with respiratory symptoms is resulted as follows:

*Only one NP swab is administered from the symptomatic patient and sent to the lab for resulting

Initial viral panel tests specifically for COVID-19. If negative:

Using the same patient's reagent, test for various viral pathogens, such as influenza strains. If negative:

Using the same patient's reagent, test for multiple respiratory infections and bacterial pathogens. If a pathogen is still not identified:

  • If the patient is negative for all respiratory infections but continues to be symptomatic, additional testing may be required. The facility’s medical director should submit a standing order for all other infectious testing, including urinalysis, skin, and GI.

  • Results are assessed by infectious disease analytics, powered by Arkstone Medical

AMS Infection Preventionists manage the entire Pinpoint process and work with facility clinical staff to make treatement recommendations and infection prevention and control process improvements. 

By using the patient’s same reagent in our partner labs, we can effectively and quickly identify infection while controlling costs.  By adding AMS IP support to this targeted surveillance platform, your facility now has a complete program, which is easy to start and saves your staff valuable time so they can get bedside to care for patients faster.

Additional benefits:

> Certified Infection Preventionist (IP) dedicated to facility

IP mentorship and staff education

Quarterly process surveillance

Antibiogram and antibiotic stewardship program support

Infectious disease analytics

IP QAPI program development and oversight

> Program is billed to Medicare, Medicaid and Private insurance with little or no cost to the facility

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