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How live EHR data advances infection prevention at long-term care facilities 

Date: June 30, 2020 | By: Dr. Chris Morgan, MD, Chief Medical Officer, AMS Infection Prevention Partners

We recently announced several strategic partners with leaders in the skilled nursing and long-term care communities that will help us advance infection prevention and control (ICP) at facilities across the country.


We’ve chosen to work with the best in our industry - from our preferred laboratory, Coastal Dx, to PruittHealth, which has 90 locations in the southeast U.S., to Sensiva, which provides fast and accurate COVID-19 antibody testing. So naturally, when we needed access to live clinical data to bolster our infection control and prevention programs, we selected Real Time Medical Systems. 

Our partnership with Real Time allows us to leverage clinical data and live analytics to provide actionable insights for infectious disease identification, treatment and prevention at America’s long-term care facilities. Our dedicated infection preventionists are steadfastly committed to keeping residents and staff safe while staying ahead of any potential outbreaks, including COVID-19, and this technology allows us to do this remotely. 

With live alerts, we can respond hours - if not days - faster. 

Real Time’s industry-leading interventional analytics solution extracts live clinical data from the facilities’ electronic health records (EHR), to detect and identify even the subtlest change in a residents’ condition. Live alerts and suggested interventions enable our preventionists, as well as facilities’ clinical teams, to effectively intervene with care before an adverse situation occurs. Access to live EHR data will also alert clinicians and infection preventionists to any potential outbreaks - before they become widespread. 

Live clinical data naturally complements our comprehensive ICP program, Sterisis, which was specifically developed for long-term and post-acute care communities. Our certified infection preventionists deliver ICP  leadership, support, training, antimicrobial stewardship and resident and staff rapid-response clinical testing to meet ICP regulations, as outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and prevent the spread of infectious disease among our most vulnerable population. 

This is a critical safety measure because a recent analysis conducted by The Washington Post found that of the more than 650 nursing homes across the U.S. with COVID-19 cases, 40% had been previously cited for violating federal infection control standards, underscoring the importance of having a sound infection control and prevention program at your facility. And more recent study from the U.S. Accountability Office found that 82% of nursing homes were cited for an infection control and prevention deficiency from 2013-2017, and nearly 50% had multiple-year deficiencies. 

Our comprehensive program also provides rapid-response PCR testing for 37 respiratory pathogens, including COVID-19, with results provided in 24 hours. And through our partnership with Sensiva, we provide antibody testing for COVID-19. 

AMS is committed to helping America’s long-term and post-acute care facilities implement and manage all-inclusive ICP programs to keep residents and staff safe and healthy. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help develop and manage your facility’s program, drop us a line at

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